Photos by Tom Kiesche  
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"I'm so FREAKIN in love with my pictures I couldn't wait to show them to the world!
SEE MY BLOG about it!"

"Tom doesn't direct, coerce, or flatter you into being yourself -- Because he doesn't have to. A natural chemistry occurs when Tom is behind the lens. An honest artist, shamelessly intrigued by his subject's soul and that translates effortlessly."

Evelyn Elam - Actress/Model

"I don't say this very often...  You have a great eye for photography, and I feel that you captured my spirit, especially through the eyes.  My agents love my new headshot and I've been going out more than ever!!!"  I also booked a commercial with this headshot and the Casting Director said it was a beautiful pic.  We are definitely gonna shoot again very soon!!! "

Angelica Quinn - Actress/Model

"Tom knows this business inside and out. But the best thing is that Tom's great at making you feel comfortable and then catching it with his lens. He's a straight shooter -- Someone I'd gladly work with again!"   

Suzanne Friedline - Actor/Voice Over Artist

"I was very comfortable and happy during the
shoot. The whole process was really fun. "

Kathleen Dennehy - Actress/Writer

"There's alot of cats running with cameras sayin they do headshot's but when you get your pictures back your lucky if you can even use one. After shooting with you I actually had a hard time for the opposite reason... There were so many great shots. We are
definitely shootin again! "

Jason Quinn - Actor/Spoken Word Artist

"You have a great eye for photography. Thank you for making me look amazing!"

Noelle Sarow - Model

"You're awesome. I couldn't be happier. We get compliments all the time on your photos."

Katrina Jackson - Visual Communications Director of the Hollywood YMCA

Photos by Tom Kiesche
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